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Fresh Food Everyday

From the finest produce staples to gourmet specialty items, we’re proud to provide quality products that cater to your business needs.

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Our Food Safety Standards Earned 100%

In 2022, Caruso underwent a complete audit of its Food Safety Standards, receiving a final score of 100%. This audit is predicated on the PrimusGFS audit scope. 

We utilize our expertise in the processing of agricultural commodities into high-quality products under integrated management and continuous improvement system to lead the industry. Our robust food safety and quality programs are driven by on-site experts and a management team with an expectation of excellence. We strive to fill the supply chain with products that meet; but exceed food safety, quality, and compliance standards while satisfying all of our customer’s needs.


Partner with Caruso

Here at Caruso, we provide more than fresh produce. In addition, we also offer York Street Fresh ready-to-eat items, whether for grab-and-go or catering gourmet specialty items, and many other fresh products from our Primus GFS-inspected facility. We can pack in private labels, grower-shipper brands, or our own “Healthy Fresh" Brand.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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