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Fresh Food Solutions

For over 90 years, we’ve helped companies provide fresh food to the people they serve nationwide.

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Bell Peppers
Russet Potatoes
corn on the cob
Corn on white background
Caruso Team with Potatoes

We offer fresh products delivered daily across the USA

We partner with the most respected produce growers to put our best food forward, spanning fresh corn, potatoes, peppers, and more.  We also produce prepared foods such as ready-to-eat deli sandwiches, salads, wraps, and gourmet specialty items for grab-and-go and catering.

Caruso potatoes cutout
Corn being packaged at Caruso USA
Caruso USA Refrigerated Truck

Staying Fresh Everday with nationwide transportation  

Our extensive fleet of refrigerated trucks has earned its stripes as an industry leader in efficiency and quality transportation throughout the USA.

Caruso Fresh truck

We package added value with every tailored solution

From staffing, storage, and custom packaging and shipping, you will receive the freshest food solutions from our Caruso team.

pretzel boxes
Apple Orchard

A history of fresh food and a legacy of family first

From our early days to now, almost a century later, we serve each store and venue, small to large, with family-like care and pride. 

Caruso Family
Caruso Family, Cincinnati
Caruso USA Team Members, Steve Caruso
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See What's Sprouting Up at Caruso

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